The complexity of bitcoin mining increased by 13.5% and updated the historical maximum

The complexity of bitcoin mining reached 35.61 Tons, which became a historical maximum, writes RBC with reference to the data .

Mining complexity is the value by which miners measure the cost of mining a new block.

On Monday, October 10, mining difficulty increased by 13.55%, which was the biggest jump since May 2021. Usually, this value shows a decrease or increase in the range of 10% every two weeks. The previous record was recorded on September 14, when the difficulty reached 32.05 tons.

According to , the increase in complexity indicates an increase in the number of miners and competition among them.

The jump in the indicator, taking into account the current value of bitcoin, reduces the profitability of mining to almost zero marks. Experts say that at a price of $ 20 thousand per bitcoin, in some cases, the profitability of mining enterprises goes into negative values.

As of 14:40 on October 10, bitcoin is trading around the $19.3 thousand mark, showing a daily decrease of 1%.

Earlier, the fall in the bitcoin exchange rate contributed to a decrease in the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market.